New work: Number 6

This is part 6 of a painting/video series I started back in 2008. In versions 1-5 I utilized real paint, being used on paper in some form, and recorded on video. All of this video-paint material is combined and manipulated in various ways to create a new work. There are additional video-audio components that are linked, sewn into and essential to each piece.

With this new mutation in the series I could not faithfully use the word ‘Painting’ since no paint was used. I never meant for the title to be that literal, but that is the unifying link for My Paintings 1-5. No paint was used in Number 6 just video mattes of color and documents from my pocket video camera. I also changed the ‘canvas’ to a vertical position.

Muneera Cinema Alshaibi born August 30, 2011

I’m finally a father now! Her name is Muneera Cinema Alshaibi.  If you break down the meaning of Muneera and Cinema it means brilliant light in motion. We had a mello and easy delivery. No doctors were involved in the labor, all midwives and a fantastic doula. Kristie was very strong and just pushed a few times before baby Muneera came out.  I was there the whole time helping and I also cut the cord!  She is a curious girl with dark hair, big eyes and golden skin. She has my nose and her mother’s lips.

My heart is filled with love for my daughter. My wife Kristie and I are very proud parents.

Here she is…



‘Profane’ finishing funds

[vsw id=”27892443″ source=”vimeo” width=”600″ height=”338″ autoplay=”no”]

Award winning motion picture Profane needs some help to be completed. The films needs a final sound mix and some minor color correction. After that the film will be pressed onto DVD and shipped out for you! This film has been completely financed independently through producers Kristie and Usama Alshaibi.

Please listen to director Usama Alshaibi’s personal message and watch clips from the film. Click here to help fund this project!

Mama is love

I was her first. She was 22 when I was born in Baghdad in 1969. My father was away studying in the USA. My Palestinian Grandfather names me Usama, like the lion.