Boy from War campaign

Hey everyone! We are launching a modest campaign to raise funds for our new animated memoir called Boy from War. With so much hostility toward people from the Middle East coming from this current government, it is vital that we get to tell these marginalized stories about our American experience. Please watch the pitch video and share with your friends and family. We are up against a powerful machine that rarely supports this kind of work so we are reaching out to you to help us realize our goal. We need to make an animatic, that is a rough animated version of the whole film. Once we get the animatic done we can move forward to the next step to make this animated film come to life. Thank you in advance for your help!

Here’s the link:

Here’s a short intro:

From LSD fueled encounters with Darth Vader and Saddam Hussein, to Iranian pilots shot down into Iowa City classrooms, Usama Alshaibi blends images and memories to give the audience a taste of what it was like living between two cultures. It’s part refugee story, part 1980s nostalgia, and a unique look into the world of a traumatized teenaged boy as he navigates the Middle East and America, never really fitting into either.