American Arab now on iTunes and Cable VOD

We are excited to announce that American Arab is now available to watch on iTunes and select Cable VOD outlets: ATT Uverse, Verizon Fios, Charter, and Cablevision.

From Kartemquin films:

The film world premiered at IDFA 2013, the world’s largest documentary festival, and had its US premiere at the 2014 Big Sky Documentary Festival before gaining an honorable mention as the closing night film of the Chicago Underground Film Festival.

The American Library Association praised it as a “a potent discussion starter,” and Documentary magazine wrote that “in the great tradition of American personal documentary film, Alshabi also struggles with what it means to be a filmmaker who happens to be Arab-American. Less concerned with aesthetics than ideas, he uses the camera as a tool to dig for answers about identity, art and filmmaking that are often overlooked.”

Explore Usama’s unique perspective today on iTunes and Cable VOD! Our thanks to Passion River for getting the film on these outlets. The film is also available to screen for institutions through Cinema Guild.

Wild West in the Middle East

Alshaibi also speaks of a “total demonization of the Iraqis.” As Kyle’s platoon is invited by an Iraqi Eid feasts after they stormed his house, the hosts turned out to be deceitful and evil, he has in the next room a weapons cache hidden under a steel plate. ““Even the great Iraqi and Arab tradition of hospitality is degraded,” says Alshaibi.

I was interviewed in Germany’s newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung about American Sniper.
Check it out.
PDF copy in German: SZ150217_p10

Production stills from Baghdad, Iowa

We’ve been back into production since September and all the way into winter. Stay tuned for our premiere in 2015. For more information visit Baghdad, Iowa.






FOR THE LOVE OF VIDEO, a poem by Usama Alshaibi


loving video does not mean hating film
film will always be around
saved by visionaries and supported by video
video is quietly showing us the beauty of film
video is cheap and video is expensive
we respond to video
it is too real at times
video has always been
and someday video will die
and we will long for the days of video