Boy from War – demo fund

I have a new film I’m trying to get funded that tells the story of my childhood growing up in the 1980s during war and the trauma it left me with.

I’ve struggled to cope and understand what I went through during the Iraq and Iran war when I lived in the southern city of Basra, Iraq. I was 10 years old and deeply traumatized by the nightly bombings and fear of death. But within this dark period, I had a dog that I loved dearly and had to leave behind.

I use this story as the basis for telling a universal story of being a refugee of war. These violent wars, involving western powers in clashes over resources, take over and destroy our countries and our homes, displacing millions of people every year. I’m connecting my experience to other displaced kids today– and within that, the experience of a young person who is trying to find meaning in a hostile and indifferent world.

I’m raising money for this animated documentary to get it off the ground. Please watch the pitch. 

Caroline Voagen Nelson created the beautiful animation for the short rough-teaser and the project has two kick-ass producers, Eman Akram Nader and Kristie Alshaibi.

Help with what you can. Spread the word and thank you!

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