Photos from Act Human Rights Film Festival

We had a great time and my daughter Muneera and partner Kristie were with me.

I was so impressed with the festival and my screening. The screen image and audio were perfect and I loved the tone of the whole fest. It felt important but friendly. I was very honored to be part of this and was very moved by the question and answer session.

Filmmaker Usama Alshaibi's daughter Muneera gives Alshaibi a thumbs up as he talks about his film "American Arab" at the ACT Human Rights Film Festival at Colorado State University, April 16, 2016.


munee2_act_film_2016  usama_elizabeth_act_film_2016



 My Song (by Usama Alshaibi) will be part of an art show at Brenda May Gallery in Australia. Curated by Stefan Popescu.

Artists include Usama Alshaibi, Anthony Antonellis, Dario Alva, Katherine Berger, Ryszard Dabek, John Di Stefano, Mr Doodleburger, Scott Fitzpatrick, Adam Geczy, Justin Harvey, Shaun Hay, Harley Ives, Scott Kieran, Kevin Khachan, Tony Lawrence, Tom Loveday, Pavel Samokhvalov, and Emma Varker.